Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pushing Boundaries

With both of my boys I was definitely not amused when they "pushed the boundaries" of what they were allowed and not allowed to do, but with Hayley, I have to admit it's a little different.  I actually find myself smiling and maybe even a little happy that she is pushing the boundaries.  Why?  Because it means that she is comfortable...she's at home.  She gives me that little smirk and does what I just told her not to do again and runs away laughing. You know...a typical two year old that wants to test every ounce of patience in you?!  So I guess I view this test a little differently this time.  To me it says that my little girl feels safe.  She knows that she can push the boundaries, end up in time out and that I will still love her.  So for right now, I can say that I am actually enjoying one of the more challenging parts of parenthood.  Ask me in a few months....I may tell you otherwise!


  1. Jen,
    Do you mind sharing what agency you went through? We are already in the process of adopting in Honduras but friends of ours just started and are interested in China. We told them the wait is 4 years, but your timeline tells another story! Thanks.

    1. Hi Steph,
      We used Holt International out of Oregon. (make sure they call the Oregon office directly!) We went through the China Child of Promise Program. Through this program, they will place children from 1 year to 7 years old with minor/correctable needs. Our daughter had cleft lip/palate that was already repaired in China. The time line is 12-18 months from Homestudy till placement. You choose the age and medical conditions that you are comfortable with and they match you according to that. They were excellent to deal with. Let me know, if you have any further questions! Jen

  2. Hi Jen,

    I found your blog in a round about way, by googling our daughter's SWI in Xianyang and another blog came up from 2008. Then I saw a comment you left for that mom that you were adopting a little girl more recently from that same orphanage.

    We are about 1 year behind you and are currently waiting for our LOA. We are hoping to be able to go to China before the end of 2012. Our daughter is almost two and is from Xianyang SWI, but is currently in a foster home. I would love to talk with you and find out any information I can about our daughter's orphanage as she spent her first 14 months (at least) there.

    My email is and I live in So. Orange County, CA. Hope to hear from you!

    Shawn Shreeves