Wednesday, January 12, 2011


To say that there is a lot of paperwork with an adoption, is an understatement. The amount of paper work can be overwhelming at times, but yesterday, we reached a huge milestone!  We went to Harrisburg to have all of our adoption documents state certified.  Then, I shipped them to the NYC Chinese Consulate, where they will be authenticated.  I know....blah, blah, blah, but this is VERY exciting for us.  All of these documents are what I have been gathering and working on, since September.  This is the last step before we can send everything to our agency.  This is the last step before we can be matched with our baby.  So yes, this is very exciting! 

The agency tells us, that they will match us in 1-3 months.  Which means we will know who she is, a little about her, and what she looks like.  I can't wait!  I can't wait to see her little face!  I can't wait to see who God has for us... 


  1. So happy for how everything has come together. Can't wait for you to share the details of your precious daughter.

  2. Aunt Amanda can't wait to see her sweet little niece's face!!

  3. Mom Mom Ann and Pop Pop Joe are so excited for your family of four to become a family of five. We have been praying for this journey that you are taking and we have seen the Lord working out each step. Can't wait to welcome our great grandchild #9. Love you.